Synchronizing ourselves before it’s too late

Article by Occupy the Future guest contributor Seth Wulsin. (Please take note: some of the time references are slightly out of date due to the fact that it was written ...

The Life and Death of Social Change

From the Arab world, to America, to Europe, to Russia and beyond, we have witnessed, over this past year, and are continuing to witness now, the obvious death of existing ...

The High Water Mark of Occupy Activity

The following is an interview with John Stubley, Ph.D. on the Occupy Wall Street movement. The interview was conducted by Hildegard Backhaus, and published, in the German-language newsletter ‘Transparenz,’ by ...


The Future of Education

Article by Occupy the Future guest contributor Gosia Winter. “A wound awoke ...

Stories, Photos & Videos from the Dec 6 National Day of Action (to stop and reverse foreclosures)

This video Stories from the 99%: People tell their stories about living in ...

What is the FUTURE you want to OCCUPY?

Interview conducted at Occupy Stockholm.      

An interview on the Theater of the Oppressed and the Occupy Movement

with Marie-Claire Pichere, co-founder of Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory (TOPLAB) and ...

What is the FUTURE you want to OCCUPY?

Interview conducted at Occupy Stockholm.  

A Future Worth Occupying

At about 12:30am on November 17 before going down to Liberty Square ...

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New Civil Rights, New Civilisation

On a certain level it is relatively easy to see the connection between earlier ‘civil rights’ struggles and what is currently unfolding through the Occupy movement. But we must have the courage to dig a little deeper and see what, in reality, is the living connection between such movements in human history, and that which […]

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Voices from Idaho

Talking about : The occupations taking place in Idaho – the future they want to occupy – how the occupations are helping to create a future we want to occupy – the future of the occupy movement. Useful Links: Occupy Idaho Occupy Idaho on Facebook Occupy Idaho Falls on Facebook Occupy Boise A photo taken […]

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Interview with Green Map System’s Founder and Director Wendy E. Brawer

 On how Green Maps can help us create the future we want to occupy. Green Maps are a fantastic tool for any community.  Go to to read more, to make a Green Map for your area or to find a Green Map of your area. Check here regularly to see how the Occupy Philly […]

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Time Banking Creator, Edgar Cahn speaks at Occupy Wall Street

Watch Edgar Cahn talk about Time Banking as part of an Occupy Wall Street Teach-In organised by the Alternative Currency Working Group. Read more about Time Banking: Time Banks U.S. Time Banks U.K. Wikipedia Read more about another of Edgar Cahn’s  inspirational projects: Youth Court

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Occupy Wall Street Teach-In with YES! Magazine’s Fran Korten

Watch Fran Korten speak about her new book This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement, ideas around a new economy, a local vs global economy, and what makes a movement/revolution successful.   On their new book ‘This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement’.       On a New […]

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What is the FUTURE you want to OCCUPY?

Interviews conducted at Occupy Stockholm.    

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Occupy Wall Street Two Month Birthday Celebrations!

Read more here

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Occupy Wall Street on November 15: Eviction & Re-occupation

Listen to Occupy Wall Street’s Lawyers speak and watch footage of Liberty Square being reoccupied.       Look at our facebook page to see photos from the day

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Wall Street and Beyond: Occupying the World, Occupying Ourselves

Among and through the many voices currently attempting to be heard on Wall St and elsewhere around the world, we can feel as if something of the future is attempting to articulate itself – something of the future of both the human being and the world. The question then becomes, What is it saying? The […]

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Moving to Equilibrium: Risk and Return in the New Economy by John Bloom

A RSF Social Finance Reimagine Money Blog Post by John Bloom The tandem term risk-return represents a kind of received wisdom in the investment world. The hyphen highlights the assumption that with higher risk comes higher return and that the investor’s interest stands at the top of the investment system hierarchy. Such a unilateral perspective […]

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