Some thoughts from RSF Social Finance on Bank Transfer Day: Find Your Alternative to Big Banking

“For years, we at RSF Social Finance have been saying that today’s financial system is complex, opaque, and anonymous, based on short-term outcomes.  Today, more than ever, we see that many people are in agreement with this analysis.

There is incredible momentum building at a grassroots level, as more and more people publicly question this dominant financial system – from the encampments of Occupy Wall Street to the upcoming Bank Transfer Day (Saturday, November 5) – people everywhere are looking for ways to voice their discontent, hold those responsible accountable, and, most importantly, find a new way.

At RSF, we create transactions that are direct, transparent, and personal, built on long-term relationships. Out of reverence for the planet, our communities, and our future we have built a strong community of investors, donors, and social entrepreneurs each working to create a new economy, one that values more than financial profits.

We all play a role in the system as we know it. By changing where/how we invest, we can align our money with our values and catalyze critical resources for positive impact.

I encourage you to take a moment to evaluate where your money is at work. If you are unhappy with what you find, make a change.

Find Your Alternative to Big Banking:
Invest in the RSF Social Investment Fund as an alternative to bank CDs or money market accounts – a great place for your savings – minimum investment: $1,000.

Find a Community Bank or Credit Union in your area as an alternative for your checking account.”

(Don Shaffer,  President & CEO, RSF Social Finance)


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One Comment on “Some thoughts from RSF Social Finance on Bank Transfer Day: Find Your Alternative to Big Banking”

  1. November 25, 2011 at 5:30 am #

    That’s way more clever than I was expetcnig. Thanks!

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