Stories, Photos & Videos from the Dec 6 National Day of Action (to stop and reverse foreclosures)

This video Stories from the 99%: People tell their stories about living in NYC makes it clear that we have to imagine a new future and start creating it now. The fact that there are homeless people and many empty houses in the USA is a clear symptom of an inhumane system. Today, hundreds of people came together in Brooklyn to do a logical and humane act; put a family that needed a house into a house that was standing vacant.

Video of the National Day of Action in NYC on December 6:

“In a bold new phase for the 99% movement, a vacant home in the center of New York City’s foreclosure crisis is presently being reclaimed today for a local homeless family…..Hundreds of neighborhood residents and citywide supporters are gathering after a real estate tour of vacant bank-owned homes available for occupation in the neighborhood — signaling that community activists will remain vigilant about the theft and abandonment of these homes by big banks. Black and Latino communities like those in East New York were targeted by predatory subprime lenders and have suffered disproportionately during the foreclosure crisis.”


Occupy Homes

Article in The Nation

Democracy Now! Report

Waiting to get on the Subway at Atantic Ave

Rude Mechanical Orchestra brings some funky tunes to the block party

The empty home foreclosed on by Bank of America (Sign reads Banks Steal Homes).

The Carrasquillo family come out of the house to be welcomed by their new community.

Everyone enjoying the Housewarming Block Party

More photos of the day:

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